[Mash-Up Mix] Stab the Big Beat mix

A mixmaster "BudtheWeiser" has released an interesting mix
which blended Stab's some bootlegs.
The person who likes Fatboy Slim might be pleased about this one.

Fatboy Slim好きの方は、きっと気に入ると思います。

Its your weapon of choice
Tripple beds are burning
My 9mm girl
I heard you were dead
Shoo be doo da joker
Orinocco comedown
Fuck you dont stop im out
I have a dreamer
I cant explain a move


BudtheWeiser - Stab the Big Beat mix
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[Mash-Up] Lilly Allen VS. Air


It's quite beatuiful.
Arty Fufkin, comes from Australia, has released a lovely mash-up.
It is mixed Lilly Allen's "Smile" with Air's "All I need".
Dreamy and fantastic bootleg always makes us peaceful.
This is really nice, well done.

オーストラリアのブートレガー"Arty Fufkin"がの最新マッシュアップは、
Lilly Allenのヒット曲"Smile"と、Airの名曲"All I need"とのブレンド。

Arty Fufkin - All I Need's a Smile
(Lilly Allen VS. Air)
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[Mash-Up] FPM VS. Camille Yarbrough

This Saturday, the 26th of August, an awesome club event "Channel Q" will take place at Shibuya Roots at 23:00. In order to notice this event, I'll introduce you one of the greatest music duos in Japan "MM28".
MM28 is from DJ Q and DJ Osada, who are featuring in Channel Q, and they make boots periodically then sometimes performe their bootlegs in this event.

Today's stuff is one of them.
This is a mash-up, mixed Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" with the most famous house DJ in Japan Fantastic Plastic Mashine's
"You" and an original source of "Praise You" Camille Yarbrough's "Take Yo' Praise", by MM28.

You should set aside this Saturday night for this event if you're in Japan.

活躍するDJ QとDJ Osadaによるスペシャルユニット"MM28"の音源を

Fatboy Slimの定番曲"Praise You"に、Fantastic Plastic Mashineの"You"と、Praise Youの元ネタでもあるCamille Yarbroughの"Take Yo' Praise"を
Praise Youのピアノと、FPMのギターリフが、絶妙に調和しており、

このマッシュアップにはFatboy Slimの音源は一切使われていません。
FPMの音源にPraise youの元ネタをのせ、
Praise youを再現した反則マッシュアップです。


8月26日(土)@ 渋谷roots
open 23:00〜morning

 下川耕平(minors holiday cafe / blockhead)
 滝田真由美(disk union)
 onori (devotion)
 osada (MM28)

Fatboy Slim - Praise You?(MM28 Remix)
(Fatboy Slim VS. FPM VS. Camille Yarbrough)

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[Mash-Up] Jimmi Jammes's the latest bastard

One of the greatest bootleggers in the world "Jimmi Jammes" has released brand-new 3 boots.
All of them are totally awesome, in particular my fovorite is the mash-up which mixed Prodigy's "Girls" with Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff".
Also, the other mash-ups are featuring historical song "Louie Louie" by Iggy Pop and The Kingsmen.

お気に入りのブートレガー"Jimmi Jammes"が、最新のマッシュアップを
Prodigyの"Girls"と、Donna Summer"Hot Stuff"とのブレンド。
また、他二作では、あのThe KingsmenとIggy Popの"Louie Louie"を

Jimmi Jammes - Hot Girls
(Prodigy - Girls VS. Donna Summer - Hot Stuff)

Jimmi Jammes - Sympathy for Louie
(Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil VS. Iggy Pop - Louie Louie)

Jimmi Jammes - Louie's Kitchen
(The Doors - Soul Kitchen VS. The Kingsmen - Louie Louie)
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[Mash-Up] Gnarls Barkley's Mash-Up Album

According to The Bootie Blog,
The DJ team Sound Advice recently released a mash-up tribute album taking the material from
Gnarls Barkley's St. Elsewhere album and combining it with, ahem, Biggie 'pellaz.
Already banned from MySpace, you can check it out at their website.

I think this website might be recieve C&D sooner or later, so you should download it as soon as possible.

The Bootie Blogによれば、DJチーム"Sound Advice"が、Gnarls Barkleyのアルバム"St. Elsewhere"を



1. The Gnotorious B.I.G.
2. The Last Nasty Boy
3. Smiley Faces Hypnotize
4. Who's Dead Wrong
5. Can I Get With Ya Crazy Butt
6. Necromancing Thugs
7. Gimme The Online Loot
8. 10 Feng Shui Commandments
9. Gone Biggie Gone
10. Just a Party and Bullshit
11. Victory Coming

Sound Advice- Gnarls Biggie
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[Mash-Up Mix] Completely Mashed

What a fantastic mix!
Acoording to Eamezey, who made this mix,
I've always been obsessed with 'Intro Inspection' type mashups, and so decided to have a go of my own. It's called 'Completely Mashed', it's 80 minutes long, and contains over 130 songs and clips. Obviously its quite big at 70MB, but hopefully its worth it.
I think that his mix is as good as Osymyso's one or better.


Eamezey曰く、このブログでも初期に紹介したOsymysoのIntro Inspectionを聴いてから、

Bomfunk MCs ・Freestyler
Dick Van Dyke ・Hushabye Mountain
Ultravox ・Vienna
Henry Blair ・Sparkys Magic Piano
Britney Spears ・Toxic
Praga Khan ・Glamour Girl
Pharoahe Monch ・Got You
Daft Punk ・Da Funk
Europe ・The Final Countdown
Fatman Scoop ・Be Faithful
Gorillaz ・DARE
Survivor ・Eye of the Tiger
Rammstein ・Du Hast
Planet Funk ・Chase the Sun
York & Chris Rea ・On the Beach
Justin Timberlake ・Rock Your Body
Queen ・Another One Bites the Dust
Daniel Bedingfield ・Gotta Get Thru This
Cream ・Sunshine of Your Love
Coldplay ・Clocks
Bodyrockers ・I Like the Way
GAP Band ・You Dropped a Bomb on Me
Lenny Kravitz ・Fly Away
Brandy ・Afrodisiac
Frank Zappa ・Peaches en Rengalia
George Carlin ・Little Things We Share
Daft Punk ・Around the World
Gerry Anderson ・Terrahawks Theme
Sugarhill Gang ・Rappers Delight
Frankie Goes to Hollywood ・Relax
Eiffel 65 ・Europop
Elementfour ・Big Brother Theme
The Source & Candi Staton ・You Got the Love
Andy Bell ・Delicious
Bryan Adams ・Summer of 69
Eric Prydz ・Call on Me
Gnarls Barkley ・Crazy
Nelly Furtado ・Maneater
Michael Jackson ・Beat It
Van Halen ・Jump
Usher ・Yeah!
Bon Jovi ・It痴 My Life
David Bowie ・Let痴 Dance
The Knack ・My Sharona
Gary Numan ・Metal
Stephen Duffy ・Kiss Me
Run DMC & Jason Nevins ・It痴 Like That
Yes & Max Graham ・Owner of a Lonely Heart
Level 42 ・Running in the Family
Public Image Ltd ・This is Not a Love Song
ELO ・Don稚 Bring Me Down
Robbie Williams ・Rock DJ
Scissor Sisters ・Laura
Bee Gees ・Stayin Alive
Lemar ・If There痴 Any Justice
Will Young ・Your Game
Steeleye Span ・One Misty Moisty Morning
Bloodhound Gang ・The Bad Touch
Soft Cell ・Tainted Love
Human League ・Being Boiled
Jeff Wayne ・Eve of the War
Linkin Park ・In the End
Robbie Williams - Feel
Babylon Zoo ・Spaceman
Tears for Fears ・Shout
The Darkness ・I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Rick James ・Superfreak
Huey Lewis & the News ・Power of Love
MC Hammer ・U Can稚 Touch This
The Tamperer ・Feel It
Michael Bolton ・How Can We Be Lovers
Jimi Hendrix ・Voodoo Chile
Adamski & Seal ・Killer
Del Shannon ・Runaway
Duran Duran ・Want You More!
Scanty Sandwich ・Because of You
Dead or Alive ・You Spin Me Round 03
Hall & Oates ・Out of Touch
Ray Parker Jr ・Ghostbusters
Lemon Jelly ・Nice Weather for Ducks
Nizlopi ・JCB Song
Napoleon Dynamite - Whatever I Feel Like Doing Gosh!
Lynyrd Skynyrd ・Sweet Home Alabama
Barenaked Ladies ・One Week
James Blunt ・Wisemen
Audio Bullys & Nancy Sinatra ・Shot You Down
Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch & Emmylou Harris ・Didn稚 Leave Nobody but the Baby
Fear Factory & Gary Numan ・Cars
Nine Inch Nails ・Only
Stevie Nicks ・Edge of Seventeen
The Kinks ・You Really Got Me
The Prodigy ・Spitfire
Destiny痴 Child ・Lose My Breath
Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up Look Sharp
Sting ・Englishman in New York
Cliff Richard ・What Car
Men at Work ・Overkill
Kioki ・Do & Don稚 for Love
Gerry Rafferty ・Baker Street
Simply Red ・Sunrise
Take That ・Could it be Magic
Pink Floyd ・Another Brick in the Wall
Green Day ・Wake Me Up When September Ends
Guns N Roses ・Sweet Child O・Mine
Backstreet Boys ・Larger than Life
Foreigner ・Cold as Ice
U2 ・Vertigo
Pet Shop Boys ・Go West
Stereophonics ・Dakota
Lionel Richie ・All Night Long
INXS ・New Sensation
Go West ・We Close Our Eyes
Elton John ・Are You Ready for Love?
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Nightwish ・Walking in the Air
Tasmin Archer ・Sleeping Satellite
Moby ・Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
Toploader ・Achilles Heel
Phil Collins ・In the Air Tonight
Michael Andrews & Gary Jules ・Mad World
David Gray ・Dead in the Water
Harry Nilsson ・One
Massive Attack ・Teardrop
Mario Winans & Enya ・I Don稚 Wanna Know
Air ・Sex Born Poison
Limp Bizkit ・Behind Blue Eyes
Gary Numan ・Empty Bed Empty Heart
Chris Koster ・When U Were Mine
Jeff Beck ・Where Were You
Thomas Newman ・American Beauty
Imogen Heap ・Hide & Seek
Joshua Radin ・Winter
Eagles - Seven Bridges Road
Will Young - Fine Line
Crosby & Nash ・Lay Me Down
Simon & Garfunkel - Sound of Silence
Nickel Creek ・Speak
Prelude ・After the Goldrush
Nat King Cole - Stardust
The Beatles ・Blackbird


Eamezey - Completey Mashed
(130+ Songs in one Mashup)
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[Mash-up] The Doors vs Deee-Lite

A bootlegger "Cheeky Boy" has released his brand new mash-up "Morrisson's Groove", mixed the Doors with Dee-Lite.
I've never imagined that a mix they met is quite a nice match.
Cheeky cheeky right now!

ブートレガーcheeky boyの最新マッシュアップは、
The Doorsの"Peace frog"と、
Tei Towaの代表作Dee-Liteの"Groove in the Heart"とのブレンド。


cheekyboy - morrisson's groove
(The Doors vs Deee-Lite)
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[Mash-Up] Divine vs Village People

This is nice stuff.
It mixed Village People's hit song "YMCA(Royal Gigolos Remix)" with Divine's famous tune "Native Love(Zombie Nation Remix)".
I think that this is very usuful in the floor of a club if you're a DJ, but the bootlegger "twinkleboi" should have turned up Village People's track, in my opinion.

Jetset Recordsあたりで、普通に売られていそうなマッシュアップ。
西城秀樹のカバーでお馴染み、Village Peopleの"YMCA(Royal Gigolos Remix)"に
ディスコクラッシックDivine"Native Love(Zombie Nation Remix)"のブレンド。

twinkleboi - Y-M-C-Gay
(Divine vs Village People)
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[Mash-Up] Red Hot Chili Peppers VS. Rhythm Scholar

Strictly speaking, this is not a mash-up but a bootleg remix.
But it was an amazing bootleg mix by newcomer “Rhythm Scholar”.
His creation I was impressed with is a remix of the newest Red Hot Chili Peppers single 'Tell Me Baby'. He said on GYBO “It's a fast and funky little number that i thought could use a few tweaks and edits and breaks and what-not. It's not as 'deep' of a remix as i have been known to do, but i think it serves it's purpose as an alternate version without radically changing the original. And now us DJs will be able to mix in and out of it a little easier as well”.
Yes, he can say that again and I agree him. I also think a remix of greater tune should be without radically changing the original. I hope you agree too.

突如として現れた新参者Rhythm Scholarが、Red Hot Chili Peppersの最新シングル‘Tell Me Baby’を勝手にリミックス。彼曰く、「このリミックスは原曲をとどめないようなリミックスではなく、オリジナル盤を生かしながらリミックスした作品」とのこと。個人的にも、全くもって異なる曲を生み出すリミックスも素晴らしいのですが、このような偉大なアーティストのヒットソングは、原曲から大きくそれることなくリミックスすべきだと個人的にもずっと前から思っていたので、こういうブートレガーが登場してくれたことがとても嬉しいです。

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Tell Me Baby (Rhythm Scholar Remix)
and you can also download his club remix.

I'm sorry that I posted a different ulr.
Now the URL is available!!
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[Video Mash-Up] Eclectic Method Fatboy Slim Megamix

Hi from London. How are you?
I'm back online and will update this blog as frequently as I can.

Anyway, Eclectic Method, one of the great video bootleggers, has recently released an official remix DVD "Why Make Videos?", a audio-visual megamix mashup of all Fatboy's videos by Eclectic Method. It's out on DVD and PSP UMD disc now.

according to his official website
There will also be a limited edition of The Greatest Hits album this special version of the album comes with a Bonus DVD of ten genre defining and award winning Fatboy videos. Fatboy Slims videos have always been very special. The video for Praise You has been voted the best music video of all time, while Weapon Of Choice featuring Christopher Walken picked up a Grammy. This will be the first time they have been compiled together.

You can buy copies from here and watch a preview of the mix here.
As far as I watch a preview version, his DVD seems awesome.


さて、ビデオ・マッシュアップシーンを牽引するEclectic Methodが、
先月Fatboy Slimのオフィシャル・リミックスDVD "Why Make Videos?"を
これはFatboy Slimの映像・音楽共にマッシュアップしたもので、
先日発売されたFatboy Slimのベスト盤の限定特典となっていた



Also, iGot was reported by one of the most famous magazines in the world "TimeOut" blog in Bukarest last week. Thank you for their article, unfortunately I can't read Romanian...


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iGot 1st Anniversary. & To England

I'm been a long time.
I was busy getting ready for my journey recently,
because I'm going to London & Sheffield and study there for approximately a year. I'm leaving for Tokyo tomorrow morning.

So I might not be able to post new stuff on this blog frequently until I 've settled to live in the UK. If you live there, please give me any information, such as your favorite parties or recordshops.

Anyway this blog celebrated an anniversary last week.
I've updated my brandnew DJ mix on the Multipy to memorialize it.
I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for your cooperation.





The Undertones - Teenage Kicks (Boot Mix)
Cut Copy - Going Nowhere (Digitalism Mix)
Hard-Fi - Hard To Beat (Boot mix)
Underworld - Two Months Off
Orson - No Tommorow
Bloc Party - Banquet(Boys Noize Vox Mix)
Justice VS. Simian - Never Be Alone (DJ Hell's Bavarian Gigolo Mix)
Christopher And Raphael Just - Popper (Shinichi Osawa Distortion Disco Edit)
Zongamin - Bongo Song
Soulwax - NY Lipps (Kawazaki Dub)
M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gun
Blues Explosion - Mars, Arizona (DFA Remix)
Tiga - Move My Body
Adam Sky - Ape-X
Booty Shaker VS. Grandmaster Felix - Bitter Sweet Seduction
Donna Summer - I Feel Dub (Glenn Underground Mix)
Digitalism - Jupiter Room (Martian Assault Version)
LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations (Tiga's Out Of The Trance Closet Mix)
Justice - Waters Of Nazareth
Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Justice Edit)

DJ homma - iGot 1st Anniversary Mix
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