[Mash-Up] Team9's old stuff

Team9, a member of Dean Gray, has released 19 old bootlegs on his website. There're lots of excellent works.

Dean GrayのメンバーでもあるTeam9が、自身のホームページで昔のマッシュアップ19作品を公開中。どれも、すばらしいものばかりです。

1. Believe - Chemical Brothers vs Bloc Party
2. Undone Soldier - Duran Duran vs Destinys Child
3. Tears in Vegas - Tears for Fears vs Death in Vegas
4. Stepping Away with it - Electronic vs Ciara (?)
5. Richard Nixon loves your body - Manic St Preachers vs cant remember
6. Pretend we're scrubs - L7 vs TLC
7. My lifestyle is going nowhere - Cut Copy vs Beastie Boys
8. Mikes blowin' in the wind - Bob Dylan vs Air
9. Lovecats Rock You - The Cure vs someone
10. Jelly Breath - Lemon Jelly vs Destinys Child
11. High Time - Coldplay vs Stonebridge
12. Heard it in '79 - Smashing Pumpkins vs Marvin Gaye
13. Emotional Treason - Kasabian vs Whitney
14. Baby Fit - HAppy Mondays vs Beyonce
15. A relaxed dip - Christina Milan vs cant remember
16. Sweet Troubled Soul - Stellastar vs Billy Idol mix
17. Run to feel it - Bryan Adams vs The Jacksons
18. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse (team9 remix)
19. Starting Over - John Lennon (team9 midi mix)

Team9 Website
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[Mash-Up Mix] Sixx Mixx Tribute

This is a tribute to Party Ben's Sixx Mixx.
According to Martin who made it, If the sixx mixx was around today then it might include some of the songs found below.
Now, you can download 3 mixes.
I haven't listened to these yet, I'm definitely sure that it's fantastic mixes.

あのParty Benによるマッシュアップミックス「Sixx Mixx」の
これをつくったMartinによると、もしいまSixx Mixxが続いていたら、こんな感じのミックスをParty Benがつくっていたのでは、というコンセプトをもとにしてつくった、とのこと。


maneater remix
Eminem vs Punjabi MC
fresh eastwood
the killers - somebody told me (team9 remix)
Freelance Hellraiser - A Stroke Of Genie-us
boulevard of Broken Songs - dean grey
galvinise the eye of the tiger
Jimmi Jammes - Sgt Pepper's Paradise (Extended Edition)
Torero - Hot Rich Girls
Lovemakers - Shake 50 Cent
Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl ZAX Word Up Edit (www.djzax.com)
ghostbusters theme vs Michael jacksons im bad
gay house - go home productions
jurassic 5 work it vs missy elliot - Lenlow - Work It Out
Sweet Times Of Mine
outkast vs streets (mtv mash)
Lily Allen V Black Eyed Peas - Friday Night Shut Up Lily
Let it be me - beatles vs shaggy

naughty boy phat beach (ill be ready) (uniting nations remix) baywatch theme
Hayseed Dixie - ace of spades
Prosac's Mash-up - Avril lavigne vs air - cherry blossom sk8er
DJ Jay-R - My Other Car is a Beatle (Beatles vs Gary Numan vs L'Trimm)
DJ Riko - Walk Like an Egyptian Devil
DJ Cheezi - Mysterious Tweet
Payroll - Blame It On The Streets Of San Francisco
djbc Sugarshop
Greenday - Jesus Of Suburbia (Exactly What Everyone Else Was Thinking Remix)
King Africa - La Bomba (Remix 2001)
c.h.a.o.s. productions - sweet sovereign
klf - doctor who
Lion King Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Dance Remix)
2 many DJs - Muse remix
BigBadBaz - wonderwall mix (Oasis vs Jackson5)
DJ Earlybird - Bob Marley & the Carpenters vs Buddy Holly & the Buggles 'True Video Ways killed the Raibow Connection'
smash@mash-ups.co.uk - New York at Last - Queen
DJ Payroll - Losing My Advertising Space
Ruff Muff - Run to feel it
The Legion of Doom - Crazy as She Goes
www.mei-lwun.com - You Humped Me All Night Long

osymyso - fiver to bigwig
Earworm - Since U Been Gahan
Essexboy - angel
www.djprince.no - hurry touch it
Don't Phunk With My Fortunate Son (from mashuptown.com)
Go Home Productions - jet lady joe
charlotte church - seven nation army cover (exclusive for ya)
what you waiting for remix
djlobsterdust.com - The Beatles vs Blondie - Glass Octopus
strokes juicebox vs blues brothers theme
goldfrapp - ordinary boys - boys will be boys cover (exclusive for ya available to listen to from the goldfrapp myspace page)

martin - Sixx Mixx Tribute
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[Info] Go Home Productions

Go Home Productions is coming to Japan to play in the international art event "Sonarsound Tokyo 2006" next month. Also, a part of his official homepage has written by Japanese language.

以前にもお伝えした通り、イギリスの偉大なブートレガーGo Home Productionsが、来月初めに恵比寿Garden Hallで行われるSonarsound Tokyo 2006に出演します。これを機に、自身のWebSiteのトップページを日本語にするなど、妙な熱の入れよう。個人的には見に行けないのですが、きっと素晴らしいイベントになると思います。

Sonarsound Tokyo 2006

7th / 8th October 2006
@ Ebisu Garden Hall & Garden Room, Tokyo

ARTISTS; Alongside / De La Soul / Senor Coconut and his Orchestra / Afra & Incredible Beatbox band / Doravideo / Eliot Lipp / Nobukazu Takemura / Optrum / Softpad / Tucker / Golden Pink Arrow and with more to be announced soon.


Go Home Productions Website

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[Mash-Up] Nine Inch Nails VS. Mario Paints

A reposeful and beautiful mash-up.
This one is really a good work though doesn't understand details.
It seems to mix "piggys" by Nine Inch Nails with the soundtrack of Video Game "Mario Paints".
Actually, I don't like NIN so much, but I was impressed by this one.


231 - Mario paints Piggys
(Nine Inch Nails VS. Mario Paints)

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[Mash-Up] Jackson Five VS. Daft Punk

It's really good stuff.
As far as I know, nobody has already made Jackson 5 VS. Daft Punk, despite everybody is likely to make it.

"I want you back" and "Digital Love" are mixed very well.
Definitely wonderfull.

ありそうでなかったJackson FiveとDaft Punkのブレンド。
"I want you back"と"Digital Love"が絶妙にシンクロしていて、

Ben Double M - I want your digital Love
(Jackson Five VS. Daft Punk)
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[Mash-Up] Kelis VS. Panic! At The Disco

How interesting!
This is a spectacular boot it mixed Kelis with on the rise group Panic! At the Disco. I've never listened to PATD's mash, I was impressed by this one.

新進気鋭、いまイギリスでかなり勢いのあるPanic! At The Discoのブート。


patd - Bossy Sins & Tragedies
(Kelis VS.. Panic! At The Disco)
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[Mash-Up] Justin Timberlake VS. U2 VS. the Police VS. Freddy Fresh

DJ EARLYBIRD, comes from Uganda, has released the latest stuff.
The bootleg which mainly consists of "With or Wothout You" by U2 is really beutiful and be chilled out.

ウガンダでただ一人のブートレガーDJ EARLYBIRDの最新マッシュアップは、
U2の"With or Wothout You"をメインに使った、なんとも美しく心地よい作品。

Justin Timberlake : SexyBack
U2 : With or wothout you
The Police : So lonely
Freddy Fresh : Fat Beat

DJ EARLYBIRD - So lonely with or without your sexy back
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[Videp Mash-Up] Red Hot Mega Mix

One of my favorite Video Bootleggers "Eclectic Method" has
released his latest staff "RedHotMegaMix"
Nedless to say, this is bot a video mash-up but a mega mix
of Red Hot Chilli Peppers's video clips.
Totally awesome, this is definitely a masterpiece of their videos.

お気に入りのビデオ・ブートレガーの一人"Eclectic Method"が、

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[Mash-Up] The Feeling VS. Biggie Smalls

I was waiting for Feeling's boots bucause I'm into them recently.
This is a mash-up which mixed "fill my world with love" with Biggie Smalls "Juicy".
Also, another Feeling's one is available from the below link.

いま、個人的にはまっているThe Feelingのマッシュアップ。

MrWig & Nick Morris - Fill my Juicy world
(The Feeling VS. Biggie Smalls)
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