[News] Official Mash-Up Album release


Firstly, as I said before, the first fully legal mash-up album "MASHED" is released this coming Monday Feb 12th. It contains 14 tracks, eight of which are GHP tracks and two by French producers-DJ's, Loo & Placido.

まず、EMIから初のオフィシャル・マッシュアップアルバム「Mashed」が、いよいよ、明日発売されます。 全14曲中、
GHPが8曲、フランスのLoo & Placidoの2曲が収録されています。

01. Franz Buffalo Malcolm McLaren vs Franz Ferdinand
02. Boogie Oogie Music Madonna vs A Taste Of Honey
03. Missing Groovejet Everything But The Girl vs Spiller
04. Horny As A Dandy Mousse T vs Dandy Warhols
05. David X David Bowie vs Liberty X
06. Passenger Fever Peggy Lee vs Iggy Pop
07. Flashing For Money Deep Dish vs Dire Straits
08. Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head Kylie Minogue
09. Hella Lola No Doubt vs The Shapeshifters
10. Doctor Pressure Mylo vs Miami Sound Machine
11. Proper Education Eric Prydz vs Floyd
12. Rapture Riders Blondie vs The Doors
13. Notorious Trick Duran Duran vs Kelis
14. Sing Back Connection Elastica vs Moloko


Also, "The Mash Up Mix 2007" is released next Monday Feb 19th. This album is a sequel to the last year's hit album 'Mash Up Mix 2006' mixed by Cut Up Boys.
This year might not be launched a Mash-Up Game, though the Game did so last year.

また、来週月曜日には、Ministry of Soundが放つマッシュアップ
ミックス・アルバムの第三弾、"The Mash Up Mix 2007"が
今年も昨年同様にCut Up Boysによるミックスです。
去年は公式サイトにMash-Up Gameがアップされていましたが、

Disc 1
1. Timbaland & Magoo feat. Missy Elliot - 'Cop That Sh8t' & A Skillz ft. Krafty Kutz - 'gimme the breaks' & The Fatback Band - 'Do the Bus Stop'
2. Chubb Rock - 'Treat `em Right' (Chubbmental) & Roots Manuva - 'Witness' (acapella)
3. Mc Rob Base & Dj ez Rock - 'It Takes Two' & Bootyluv 'Boogie 2nite' (acapella)
4. Fatboy Slim - 'Right Here Right Now' & Beatfreakz - 'Freakshow' (acapella)
5. Doug Lazy - 'Let It Roll' (acapella) & Sugarbear 'Don't Scandalize Mine' (original 12''mix)
6. Farley Jackmaster Funk 'Love Can't Turn Around' (acapella) + F.P.I. Project - 'Rich In Paradise' (original 12¿ instrumental)
7. Firefox - 'Sexshooter' (instrumental) + Chanel 'My Life' (acapella)
8. Southside Hustlers - 'Right Before My Eyes' (Hoxton Whores Mix) + Phillippe B & Todd Terry - 'Can You Feel It' + Camille Jones - 'The Creeps'
9. Dave Armstrong - 'Make a Move' + Freemasons - 'Rain Down Love' (Freemasons vs Walken Remix) + Steve N King - 'Bounce' (Bounce-a-pella)
10. Beatfreakz - "Supafreak"(instrumental) + Dennis Christopher "It's Not Right"(acapella) + Outwork - "Electro"(Club Mix)
11. Sharam - "Party All The Time"(DJ Tocadisco Mix) + Aaron Smith - "Dancin"(acapella)
12. Tyken - "Every Word"(Club Mix) + Mind Electric - "Dirty Cash"(acapella)
13. Who's Who - "Not So Dirty"(Phillipe B Mix) + BM Dubs - "Whoomp There It Is"(acapella)
14. Oakenfold ft Pharrell - "Sex & Money"(Benny Bennassi Mix + Dub) + Tom Novy - "Take It" (acapella)
15. Plump Dj's - "Electric Disco"(D.Ramirez Mix) + Fatboy Slim - "Champion Sound"(acapella) + Bump - "Rushin' (acapella)
16. ENUR - "Calabria"(Hoxton Whores Mix) + DJ Jose - "Stepping To The Beat"(acapella)
17. Roman Fluegel - "Ghets Nocht"(Original Mix) + Delano & Crockett - "Walking On The Moon"(acapella)
18. Floyd v's Prydz - "Proper Education"(Club Mix)
19. Mylo - "In My Arms"(DJ Tocadisco Mix) + Ron Carrol - "The Sermon"(acapella) + Who Da Funk - "Shiny Disco Balls"(acapella)

Disc 2
1. Powers That Be - "Planet Rock"(acapella) + Fireflies - "I Can't Get Enough"(Ian Carey Dub / Orig Club Mix) + Ben Macklin - "Feel Together" (acapella)
2. Fedde Le Grande - "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit"(Dub Mix) + M.A.R.R.S - "Pump Up The Volume"(12" US Mix)
3. Johnny Crockett - "E For Electro"(Hi Tack Club Mix) + Grandmaster Flash - "The Message"(acapella)
4. Supermode - "Tell Me Why"(Orig Club Mix) + Loletta Holloway - "Love Sensation" (acapella) + Sharooz - "Hell Yeah"(Club Mix)
5. Mason v's Princess Superstar - "Perfect Exceeder"(Radio Edit + acapella)
6. Soul Of Man - "Sukdat"(Orig Mix + acapella) + Blaze - "To My Beat"(acapella) + Switch - "A Bit Patchy" (acapella)
7. The Freaks - "The Creeps"(Vandalism Mix) + TV Rocks - "Flaunt It"(acapella)
8. TV Rocks - "Flaunt It"(Instrumental Mix) + Martin Solveig - "Rocking Music"(acapella) + Slyde - 'Vibrate to This' (acapella)
9. Da Hool - 'Meet Her At The Love Parade' + Rocket Man - 'Candy' + Electric 6 'Gay Bar' (acapella)
10. Abel Ramos - 'Electro Fun' + Happy Clappers - 'I Believe' (acapella/ 12"mix) + Southside Spinners - ¿Luvstruck¿ (original 12¿ mix)
11. Cosmic Gate - 'Fire Wire' (Dj Scott Project Remix) + Jinny - 'Keep It Warm' (acapella)
12. Public Domain - 'Love You More' (PD's tech trance mix) + Caramel Club - 'Mama Say' (acapella) + Dennis Christopher - 'Soulshakin'(acapella)
13. Mauro Picotto - 'Lizard' (megavoices mix) + 666 - 'd.e.v.i.l.'(acapella) + One Phat Deeva - 'In And Out Of My Life' (acapella)
14. Marco V - 'Red, Blue, Purple' + Bob Sinclair - 'Rock This Party' (Bobby Blanco club mix)
15. Fatboy Slim - 'Star 69' (acapella) + Dj Jose - 'Stepping To The Beat' (panic dub)
16. The Prodigy - 'Voodoo People' (Pendulum remix)

Mason VS Princess Superstar、 Bodyrox VS Luciana等

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[Mash-Up] Valentines-Day Album


Mashup Industries, a team that is formed by Clivester, Krazyben and DJ Schmolli, released an compilation album for Valentines Day. This one is recorded 28 tunes by fomous bootleggers such as The Who Boys, Apollo Zero and A+D so on. You can download the single tracks and the fully mixed album.

Clivester、KrazybenとDJ Schmolliによるマッシュアップチーム
「Mashup Industries」が、ヴァレンタイン・デーのための
The Who BoysやA+Dといった大御所ブートレガーを含む
ダウンロードすることができます。 最初にノンストップを

CD 1:
01. The Who Boys – Let There Be Love’s Gonna Getcha (Nat King Cole vs Boogie Down Productions)
02. ElectroSound - I Came To Tell You I'm Fine (Whitney Houston vs. Serge Gainsbourg)
03. dj BC - I Got My Crush Set On You (George Harrison vs. Lil' Kim vs. Notorious B.I.G.)
04. Pilchard – BlockRockinHoney (Chemical Brothers vs. Shirley Bassey)
05. solcofn - Think About Lovin' (Rihanna vs. St. Germain)
06. DJ Clive$ter - London Bridge Is Crying (Elektranoise vs. Fergie vs. BranVan 3000)
07. DJ Code - Get It On (Belle & Sebastian vs. Marvin Gaye)
08. DJ Schmolli – Easily Replaceable (The Commodores vs. Beyonce)
09. Sebwax - Wanna Love You, Ailleurs (JL Aubert vs. Robin Thicke)
10. Zamali - Bernadette My Recurring Favourite (Bonodo vs. The Four Tops vs. The Supremes)
11. A plus D - Heart Of Puppini (Puppini Sisters vs. Blondie)
12. Suyt - My Crush On You (Justin Timberlake vs. The Jets)
13. ElectroSound - What A Girl Wants Is A Scientist (Christina Aguilera vs. Coldplay)
14. Acid Vicious - Theme To The Jeune Demoiselle

CD 2:
01. ToTom - Thundersexy (Justin Timberlake & Timbaland vs. AC-DC)
02. Apollo Zero - Boy Changes The Book Of Love (Book Of Love vs. Eric Prydz vs. Snap! vs. Chris Lake)
03. Irn Mnky - Enjoy My Love (Justin Timberlake vs. Depeche Mode)
04. Simon Iddol - The Final Love Song (Ofra Haza vs. Leftfield)
05. Ben Double M - Back In Too Deep (Genesis vs. Hardsoul ft. Ron Carroll)
06. Voicedude - Cupid's Poison Arrow (Sam Cooke vs. ABC vs. Tony Bennett)
07. A plus D - Don't Stop Believin' In Planet Rock (Journey vs. Afrika Bambaataa)
08. Stab - Do You Love Me Or Hate Me You Sexy Thing (Lady Sovereign vs. Hot Chocolate)
09. Copycat - Hard To Beat A Little Frog (Hard-Fi vs. Belle & Sebastian)
10. The Who Boys – Massive Temptation (Massive Attack vs. The Temptations)
11. ElectroSound - Destiny's Sign (Destiny's Child vs. Coldplay)
12. The One DJ - Take My Love Away (Justin Timberlake vs. Berlin)
13. Acid Vicious – Kiss From Saint Denis (Grand Corps Malade vs. Seal)
14. Nissque - Sweet Lady Of Mine (Guns N' Roses vs. Four Tops vs. Modjo)

the single tracks

Fully mixed album
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