[Gig Report] 2 Many DJ's & Soulwax


I will report 2 many dj's and soulwax's gig at Leeds University yesterday.
Firstly, Soulwax played from 12:00 and for about an hour, and almost all trucks they did yesteday were from their latest remix album "Most Of The Remixes", which has released recently.

今回は、昨日リーズ大学で行われた2 many dj's と soulwax のライブレポート。まず、最初にSoulwaxが1時間ほどライブ。内容は、先日発売されたリミックスアルバム「Most of the Remixes」に収録されている曲が中心でした。


Here are an uncertain trucklisting and video I took.

Justice - Phantom Pt2 (Soulwax Nite Version)
Kylie - Cant Get You Out Of My Head (Soulwax Rock Version)
Gorillaz - Dare (Soulwax Remix)
Lords Of Acid - I Sit On Acid (Soulwax Remix)
Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor (Soulwax Dub)
Human Resource vs 808 State - Dominator (Soulwax Remix)
The Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control (Soulwax Nite Version)
Tiga - Move My Body (Original Version)
LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing In My House (Soulwax Shibuya Mix)
Soulwax - E-talking
Soulwax- NY Excuse

Tiga's Move Your Body performed by Soulwax

Soulwax (Not Daftpunk) is Playing at my House

It was very impressive to me that he changed the lyrics from "Daftpunk is playing at my house" to "Soulwax is playing...". Anyway, their remixes' live playing which are originally created by electronic sounds was really worth seeing.

印象的だったのは、「Daftpunk is playing at my house」を、「Soulwax is playing〜」と歌詞を変えて歌っていたこと。なかなか粋な計らいだと思いました。ともあれ、バリバリのエレクトロなリミックスを生で見れたのは、かなり貴重な体験でした。

On the other hand, 2 Many DJ's was djing for two hours. They played their current favorite songs and trucks, such as Eurythmics's Sweet Dreams and Bodyrox's Yeah Yeah.

お次は2 Many DJ'sのプレイ。彼らが最近好んでプレイしている、Eurythmicsの Sweet Dreams や Bodyroxの Yeah Yeahなど、定番の曲を中心にフロアを2時間盛り上げ続けていました。


Hot Chip - Over and Over
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Erol Alkan Edit)

David Bowie - Rebel Never Gets Old (New remix)

This song remixed by themselves was one of their theme songs a few years ago but yesterday's one was a different remix.


FInaly, this video was Chromeo's gig at same place the day before yesterday. They were also awesome.

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[Mash-Up] Into The Great Unknown

Flying White Dots, well-known as a great bootlegger who made "At War With The Misfits", has released a much wanted new album "Into The Great Unknown". This is marvellous. Featured mainly Plaid, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, DJ Shadow and so on, the album emits good chill-out sound same as last time. We can say that this is defenitely one of the best album in 2007.

偉大なるマッシュアップ・アルバム""At War With The Misfits"の作者でもあるFlying White Dotsの最新アルバム「Into The Great Unknown」が、彼自身のウェブサイトに掲載されています。PlaidやAphex Twin、Squarepusherなど、今回はエレクトロな面子をフューチャーしていますが、前作同様のサイケでチルアウトな最高傑作に仕上がっており、既にさまざまなところから絶賛の嵐となっています。おそらく今年を代表するアルバムになることは間違いないでしょう。


01 Walking On Clouds
02 Tomorrow We Take Off
03 Missing Rabbit
04 You Can't Drop Bombs
05 Kill Phil
06 Bob Meets Lord Scruffage
07 Your Poetry
08 Sunday Morning, April 14th
09 Big Eyes
10 Tonight We Play
11 Let's Get Deep
12 Spread Your Cause

Flying White Dots - Into The Great Unknown
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[Mash-Up] WHA!? compilations "Sin Fin"


Simon Iddol has relased the latest bootleg compilation series "Wha!?". This called "Sin Fin" has 17 stuff by well-known bootleggers, including some exclusive tracks. Very interesting. Thanks Simon.

Simon Iddol監修のブートレグ・コンピレーション・シリーズ「Wha!?」に新作が登場。Sin Finと名付けられた本作には、有名どころのブートレガーによる17の作品が収められており、そのうち幾つかは未公開トラックとなっています。かなり興味深いコンピに仕上がっています。


01 Regina Spector// Fidelity (Morgan Page Unreleased Remix)
Regina Spector VS Morgan Page
02 ElectroSound // supermassive rainbow
Muse VS Klaxons
03 The Illuminoids // Solta O Space Frango Woman
Bonde Do Role VS Wolfmother VS Deep Purple
04 DJ Paul V. // Phantom On The Bottom
The Lady Tigra VS Justice
05 Hi-brid // Fade To Ice Cream
New Young Pony Club VS Visage
06 Foals // Hummer(McSleazy Remix)
Foals VS McSleazy
07 Monrose - Hot Summer (El Barto & Liam B Edit)
Monrose VS El Barto & Liam B
08 Party Ben // Killing For Love Remix
Jose Gonzalez vs. Cirez D
09 Aggro1 // Crowded House v.Booka Shade
Crowded House VS Booka Shade
10 DJ Tripp // Makes Me Disco
Maroon 5 VS Babe Instinct
11 Lobsterdust // Everybody Do It Again
Jay-Z ft. Amil VS Missy Elliot VS The Chemical Brothers
12 Dunproofin' // Standing In The Way Of Felix
Felix VS Gossip VS Simian Mobile Disco
13 Dunproofin' // Bootystyle
Robyn VS Teddybears
14 Matt Hite // everybody is right
Nelly Furtado vs. Blackbox
15 Simon Iddol // body rosa
Belanova VS Booka Shade
16 ToToM // Your Film Music Is So Vain
Carly Simon VS Electrelane
17 team9 // A moment in space
Barbara Streisand VS team9

WHA!? bootleg compilation series presents
sin fin
compiled by Simon Iddol
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[Mash-Up] Peter Bjorn & John VS. Coldplay

"Young Folks", which is recently heating up again due to re-sale, by Swedish trio "Peter Bjorn and John", meets Coldplay's beautiful song "Green Eyes". This is really awesome, and they fit very well together. Enjoy.

再発によって最近またもやヒットチャートに返り咲いた、スウェーデンの三人組「Peter Bjorn & John」の代表曲「Young Folks」と、ColdPlayの隠れた名曲「Green Eyes」のマッシュアップ。非常にうまく調和していて、とても切なくて、美しい、かなりのおすすめ作品です。

synchronoize - Young Green Eyed Folks
(Peter Bjorn & John VS. Coldplay)
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