[My Stuff] Molotov VS. Fatboy Slim VS. Propellerheads

This is my mash-up featuring Mexican mixture band Molotov, well-known in south America, with Fatboy Slim and Propellherheads. I mixed Molotov's famous song "Puto" with Big-Beats sounds. This mash-up was created for my own DJ work but hope you also like the stuff.

久しぶりのオリジナルマッシュアップです。南米で絶大な人気を誇る、メキシコ出身のミクスチャーバンド「Molotov」に、「Fatboy Slim」と「Propellerheads」をブレンド。Molotovの大ヒットソング「Puto」を、ビッグビートのエッセンスを加え、激パーティチューンに仕上げたつもりです。もともとは個人的なDJネタとしてつくったものですが、mySpaceに公開しているので、是非とも聞いてみてください。

DJ homma - Puto (DJ homma's Big-Beat RMX)
(Molotov VS. Fatboy Slim VS. Propellerheads)

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[MP3] 2 Many DJ's Interview + DJ Live mix

This is 2 Many DJ's interview and live mix on XFM, UK's radiostation. There are a 10-minutes interview and a one-hour DJ set. The live is almost same as last Sunday's one but what I am very concerned about is that there is a great speed mix/edit like the "As Heard as Radio Soulwax" at the first part of the set. Also, the interview is quite interested.

先日に続き、 2 Many DJ'sの音源が見つかったので掲載します。
インタビューでは、同ラジオに約8年ぶりに出演した二人が、この8年間のハイライトを語ったり、フジロックでの思い出や、Soulwaxと2 Many DJ'sのモチベーションの違い、Any Minite Now とNite Versionの売上の違いなど、なかなか興味深いインタビューになっています。
ライブミックスは、先日のSoulwaxのライブ+DJプレイを足して2で割ったような内容。前半部分は、往年のAs Heard as Radio Soulwaxのような矢継ぎ早のリミックス/エディットが収録されています。

Tracklisting (So far)
1. Boney M - Night time to Venus
2. Jean Jacques Perrey - Flight Of The Bumblebees
3. Caetano Veloco - Alpho Mega
4. Bonde Do Role - Gasolina
5. Egyptian Lover -Egypt Egypt
6. Africa Bambataa and Prince edits
7. LCD Soundsystem - Daftpunk is Playing at my House (Edit)
8. Mr Oizo - Flat Beat
9. Robert Fripp and David Byrne
10. Spank Rock Switch Mix
11. Robbie Williams - Lovelight (Soulwax ravelight dub)
12. Vincent Markowsy - The Madness Of Moths
13. Gossip - Standing In the way Of Control (Soulwax Nite Version)
14. Laurent Wolf - The Crow
15. Soulwax vs Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug and more.
16. Gloria Gaynor edit
17. Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor- (Soulwax Dub)
18. Prince - Head (Soulwax edit)
19. Soulwax Beathoven edit
20. Green Immigrant (Green Velvet vs Led Zep)
21. Human Recource - Dominator
22. 808 State - Cubik
23. Daft Punk - Robot rock (acapella)
24. Justice - Phantom pt 2 (Soulwax remix)
25. Jacques Lu Conte - Jacques Your Body
26. Kylie - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Soulwax Kyluss Reversion)
27. LCD soundsystem - Get Innocuous (Soulwax Remix)
28. Alex Gopher - Motorcycle (Soulwax edit)
29. Lords Of Acid - I Sit On Acid (Soulwax remix)
30. Prince - Let's Go Crazy (Soulwax edit)
31. Peaches - Fuck The Pain Away
32. DJ Shadow - Six Days (Soulwax remix)
33. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Erol Alkan Edit)
34. Bodyrox - Yeah

2 Many DJ's - Xfm 20-10-2007
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