[Recommend] Music Video "Just"

Do you remember Radiohead's music video "Just" by UK's crazy music director James Thraves. I have been caring about what did the man who was lying on the pavement tell them for almost 10 years.

RadioheadのMVには傑作が多いことで有名ですが、その中でも奇才James ThravesによるJustのビデオをご存じでしょうか? このビデオの中で、歩道に横たわっている男がなんと言ったのか、かれこれ10年ほど気になっていました。

But, I finally have known the answer.
It is in the new video "Just" covered by Mark Ronson.


This is the awesome burlesque...
There is the more info about that in Wikipedia
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[Mash-Up] Scissor Sisters mashup album


Sisters's great second album Ta-Dah was mashuped and released by Simon Iddol as a part of WHA!? compilation. This is a great job, well done, Simon.


01 I Don't Feel Like Losin' // Pheugoo
02 She's My Man x 2 // A plus D
03 Mama's Sister // DJ Jay-R
04 Golden Lights // Copycat
05 Land of a Thousand Toop Toop // Simon Iddol
06 Intermashion // ToToM
07 London Kiss // DJ Matt Hite
08 Little More Ooh // DJ Matt Hite
09 Tenderoney // ComaR
10 Ordinary People on the Other Side // Apollo Zero
11 Might Tell You That's All Tonight // Bobby Martini
12 G Wants the Same Capital // ToToM
13 Doo Wap Ta Dah // Dunproofin'
Bonus Tracks
14 The Other Salmon // Dirty Snowflake *
15 Sweet Mama O' Mine // Norwegian Recycling
16 I Did the Sisters Wrong // DJ Matt Hite
17 Filthy Infiltrator // Dunproofin'
18 No One Takes Your Freedom // DJ Earworm
19 Cherry Blossom Sister // ElectroSound
Scissor Sisters VS R. Kelly featuring Jay-Z

WHA!? and www.idontfeellikedancin.com
Scissor Sisters mashup album
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[Mash-Up] Prodigy VS. Nirvana

This is a clever stuff. The mix is not perfect but the idea is brilliant!

G3RSt - Really Voodoo
(The Prodigy - Voodoo People vs Nirvana - Very Ape)
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[Mash-Up] Tepr VS. Shannon

US's bootleg king, Party Ben, has released two new tunes. Both are actually great but I really like "Minuit Music" (Tepr VS. Shannon). The datA remix of Tepr's "Minuit Jacuzzi" he took is one of my current hot tunes, this included my iGot mix #01. Anyway, this mash-up is totally awesome, might be better than the original one and should be a killer tune in the floor.

アメリカのブートレグキング「Party Ben」が、久しぶりの新作2曲がホームページに上げられていますが、そのうちの1曲は、先日アップしたiGot iMixにも収録されているTeprの「Minuit Music(datA remix)」を使ったネタ。オリジナルを凌駕するほど完成度が高く、クラブ等でも大活躍しそうな1曲になりそうです。

Party Ben- "Minuit Music"
(Tepr vs. Shannon)

Party Ben - "Low Addict"
(Plump DJs vs. Flo Rida)
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