[Remix] The Prodigy - Girls (F.L.P. Remix)

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[Video Mash-Up] Lady Gaga VS. Sesame Street

Lady Gaga's viral video feat. the Yip Yip aliens as backup singers.

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[Mash-Up] Justice † Mash up edit

This is another Franklean's work. Sick.

先週ポストした Frankleanが作ったJusticeのマッシュアップエディット。かなりいい感じです。

You can find and get his current stuff called WeRelctrique Vol 2 on MySpace.

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[Recommend] Hot Chip VS. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy


Hot Chip's forthcoming EP "I Feel Better" includes the remix track called "I Feel Bonnie" by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. It's like a great mash-up. Will be out in April 19th.

Hot Chipの新しいEP「I Feel Better」には、Bonnie 'Prince' Billyが新たにボーカルトラックを加えた「I Feel Bonnie」という曲が収録されるとのこと。なかなかのマッシュアップぶりです。4月リリース予定です。

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[Mash-Up] Florence and The Machine VS. Dizzee Rascal

This is a live mash-up by Dizzee and Florence & the machine at the BRIT Awards 2010. Available for download on UK's iTunes only.

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[Mash-Up] Gorillaz VS. Adina Howard VS. Gary Numan VS. Bobby Womack.


The another Gorillaz mashup.

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[Mash-Up] Prince VS. Gorillaz

DJ Zebra completed his last mashup featuring Golliraz's Stylo coming from its third album.

DJ Zebra - Styl'O the times
(Prince VS. Gorillaz)

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[Mash-Up] Spencer Davis Group -edit VS. Prodigy

DJ Zebra's awesome mashup / remix

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[Mash-Up] M.I.A. VS. Vampire Weekend

The Hood Internet - Giving Up The Sunshowers (M.I.A. x Vampire Weekend) by hoodinternet
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[Mash-Up] Beverly Hills Cop VS. Major Lazer

A super awesome mashup, certified by Major Lazer's label Mad Decent.

Ludachrist - Pon De Foley
(Beverly Hills Cop VS. Major Lazer)

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[Video Mash-Up] The Futureheads VS. Alphabeat

Dunproofin' - Alphaboot
(The Futureheads VS Alphabeat)
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