[Mash-Up] Beatles VS. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell


ccc is back

ccc - I Don't Wanna Leave Her Now
(Beatles VS. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell)
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[Mash-Up] Scott Matthews VS. Otsuka Ai


Popular Japanese pop star Otsuka Ai meets Wolverhampton's answer to Nick Drake/Jeff Buckley, the amazing Scott Matthews, in an acoustic J-pop ballad mishap.

イングランドが生んだ宝石とも言われるScott Matthewsと、なぜか大塚愛とのマッシュアップ。とても美しいバラードに仕上がっています。

Elusive Tears by colatron22
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[Mash-Up] Yeasayer VS. Depeche Mode

madmixmustang again.
Awesome stuff that featured one of my favourite 2010 tunes Yeasayer's One.


madmixmustang - Just Can't Say Enough Yeah!
(Yeasayer Vs. Depeche Mode)

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[Mash-Up] Rhythm Scholar Mega-Mashup

One of my favourite mashup producer, Rhythm Scholar, released extended funk/old-school megamash which incorporates over 50 music and vocal sources in 10 minutes. This is great!


Rhythm Scholar - Funk Solution (Extended Odyssey) by Rhythm Scholar

parliament - big footin'
jimmy castor bunch - troglodyte
incredible bongo band - apache
commodores - brick house
james brown - funky drummer
sun - conscience
billy squier - the stroke
linda lewis - sideway shuffle
chuck brown - bustin' loose
jungle brothers - feelin' alright
larry young's fuel - turn off the lights
manzel - midnight theme
rufus and chaka khan - tell me something good
adam sandler (voice)
zapp - more bounce to the ounce
bar-kays - let's have some fun
ohio players - fopp
the meters - just kissed my baby
ohio players - funk-o-nots
patrice rushen - the hump
sly and the family stone - into my own thing
quincy jones - sanford & son theme / the streetbeater
digital undergound - the humpty dance
aretha franklin - rock steady
lyn collins - think (about it)
skull snaps - it's a new day
michael jackson - bad
herbie hancock - rockit
sessomatto - sesso matto
blackbyrds - runaway
mike longo - like a thief in the night
parliament - up for the down stroke
blackbyrds - reggins
average white band - stop the rain
the meters - handclapping song
billy squier - big beat
sun - reaction satisfaction
tom tom club - genius of love
bohannon - bohannon's beat
bohannon - let's start the dance
kurtis blow - the breaks
james brown - papa dont take no mess
jb's - pass the peas
maceo & the macks - cross the tracks
james brown - sex machine
james brown - make it funky
black heat - you should've listened
ohio players - i want to be free
ohio players - skin tight
michael scott (voice - the office)
banbarra - shack up
sho nuff - funkasize you
rose royce - car wash
rufus thomas - funky hot grits
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[Mash-Up] The Prodigy VS. Survivor VS. Peaches and more

DJ Schmolli – No Good Cockeyed Tiger
The Prodigy – No Good (Da Fresh Boot)
Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger
Monosurround – Cocked, Locked, Ready To Rock
Peaches – Rock Show
Pitbull – Calle Ocho (I Know You Want Me)
Salt N Pepa – Push It
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