[Mash-Up] Monster Mash-Up 2010


Be ready for this year's Halloween with those CDs


1. Qubic - A little piece about death (Avenged sevenfold vs Oingo Boingo) (Explicit)
2. Retarded CoUNT - Halloween Hamburgers (exclusive version) (Explicit)
3. Frog The Dawg - take me away (Napoleon XIV vs Flo Rida)
4. DJ Shyboy - Monster Holiday (Lady Gaga vs Madonna)
5. Voicedude - keeping halloween fly (Offspring vs Alice Cooper)
6. Cheekyboy - Munster in my pants (Fred Schneider vs Munster theme vs Fedde le grand vs Bobby Pickett)
7. Thriftshop XL - Abracadabra can't even handle me (Flo rida vs Steve Miller Band)
8. DJ Paul V. - The Devil's in my mix (B52's Devil in my car REMIX)
9. DJ Spider - Dont push the fear (Nightcrawlers vs Blue Oyster Cult)
10. Mash2Mix - Superstitious angel (Rammstein vs Stevie Wonder)
11. DJ Britboy - Bucky's Ghost & moar (MIA vs Deadmau5)
12. Frunt Room - Bathtime (New Original Track)
13. Fettdog - Fett's fright fest 2010 (Horror samples, Duran Duran)
14 - DJ Use0 - who was in my delta room last night? ((Butthole surfers)
15. DJ Maxx Destrukt - shake your bony vampire
16. Alan Black - EVP
17. Toby Gore - The house (New original song)
18. Fukjamum - No Picnic.

Pumpkin on your stereo CD2: The Phantom of the Mashupera

1. Steve Quinn - Susie Jacksons Hannibal Evenesence Beast of Time
2. Voicedude - Ghostbusters 'n' stuff (Ray Parker Jr vs Deadmau5)
3. Cheekyboy - something spooky (Dusty Springfield vs Barry Adamson)
4. Frog The Dawg - Snap vs Zombie (Snap vs rob Zombie)
5. Alan Black - Who's afraid
6. Voicedude - Monster Boys (lady GaGa vs book of love)
7. Scott Cairo - Jeffsa Psycho
8. Qubic - The angel divine (shirley bassey vs Massive Attack)
9. El Creepo - Ghost Train 2 Ghost Town (Specials vs Gorillaz vs Madness)
10. Cheekyboy - Doomed Man's Party (Extended remix) (Does it offend you yeah? vs Oingo Boingo)
11. Frog The Dawg - Skinned
12. DJ Use0 - Ring of fire pain (oingo boingo mashup)
13. Alan Black - The Conqueror Worm
14. Voicedude - The Monster Mashup ((Bobby 'boris' Pickett vs The Automatic)
BONUS - Retarded COunt - Hamburgers (clean original)
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[Mash-Up] Duck Sauce vs. Michael Jackson


One of the legendary mashup creators Party Ben's new stuff is featuring Duck Sauce's Barbra Streisand mixed with MJ. There are also new tunes uploaded on his website.

Party Ben - Beat Sauce
(Duck Sauce vs. Michael Jackson)
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