[Mash-Up] Monster Mash-Up 2010


Be ready for this year's Halloween with those CDs


1. Qubic - A little piece about death (Avenged sevenfold vs Oingo Boingo) (Explicit)
2. Retarded CoUNT - Halloween Hamburgers (exclusive version) (Explicit)
3. Frog The Dawg - take me away (Napoleon XIV vs Flo Rida)
4. DJ Shyboy - Monster Holiday (Lady Gaga vs Madonna)
5. Voicedude - keeping halloween fly (Offspring vs Alice Cooper)
6. Cheekyboy - Munster in my pants (Fred Schneider vs Munster theme vs Fedde le grand vs Bobby Pickett)
7. Thriftshop XL - Abracadabra can't even handle me (Flo rida vs Steve Miller Band)
8. DJ Paul V. - The Devil's in my mix (B52's Devil in my car REMIX)
9. DJ Spider - Dont push the fear (Nightcrawlers vs Blue Oyster Cult)
10. Mash2Mix - Superstitious angel (Rammstein vs Stevie Wonder)
11. DJ Britboy - Bucky's Ghost & moar (MIA vs Deadmau5)
12. Frunt Room - Bathtime (New Original Track)
13. Fettdog - Fett's fright fest 2010 (Horror samples, Duran Duran)
14 - DJ Use0 - who was in my delta room last night? ((Butthole surfers)
15. DJ Maxx Destrukt - shake your bony vampire
16. Alan Black - EVP
17. Toby Gore - The house (New original song)
18. Fukjamum - No Picnic.

Pumpkin on your stereo CD2: The Phantom of the Mashupera

1. Steve Quinn - Susie Jacksons Hannibal Evenesence Beast of Time
2. Voicedude - Ghostbusters 'n' stuff (Ray Parker Jr vs Deadmau5)
3. Cheekyboy - something spooky (Dusty Springfield vs Barry Adamson)
4. Frog The Dawg - Snap vs Zombie (Snap vs rob Zombie)
5. Alan Black - Who's afraid
6. Voicedude - Monster Boys (lady GaGa vs book of love)
7. Scott Cairo - Jeffsa Psycho
8. Qubic - The angel divine (shirley bassey vs Massive Attack)
9. El Creepo - Ghost Train 2 Ghost Town (Specials vs Gorillaz vs Madness)
10. Cheekyboy - Doomed Man's Party (Extended remix) (Does it offend you yeah? vs Oingo Boingo)
11. Frog The Dawg - Skinned
12. DJ Use0 - Ring of fire pain (oingo boingo mashup)
13. Alan Black - The Conqueror Worm
14. Voicedude - The Monster Mashup ((Bobby 'boris' Pickett vs The Automatic)
BONUS - Retarded COunt - Hamburgers (clean original)
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