[Mash-Up] Valentines-Day Album


Mashup Industries, a team that is formed by Clivester, Krazyben and DJ Schmolli, released an compilation album for Valentines Day. This one is recorded 28 tunes by fomous bootleggers such as The Who Boys, Apollo Zero and A+D so on. You can download the single tracks and the fully mixed album.

Clivester、KrazybenとDJ Schmolliによるマッシュアップチーム
「Mashup Industries」が、ヴァレンタイン・デーのための
The Who BoysやA+Dといった大御所ブートレガーを含む
ダウンロードすることができます。 最初にノンストップを

CD 1:
01. The Who Boys – Let There Be Love’s Gonna Getcha (Nat King Cole vs Boogie Down Productions)
02. ElectroSound - I Came To Tell You I'm Fine (Whitney Houston vs. Serge Gainsbourg)
03. dj BC - I Got My Crush Set On You (George Harrison vs. Lil' Kim vs. Notorious B.I.G.)
04. Pilchard – BlockRockinHoney (Chemical Brothers vs. Shirley Bassey)
05. solcofn - Think About Lovin' (Rihanna vs. St. Germain)
06. DJ Clive$ter - London Bridge Is Crying (Elektranoise vs. Fergie vs. BranVan 3000)
07. DJ Code - Get It On (Belle & Sebastian vs. Marvin Gaye)
08. DJ Schmolli – Easily Replaceable (The Commodores vs. Beyonce)
09. Sebwax - Wanna Love You, Ailleurs (JL Aubert vs. Robin Thicke)
10. Zamali - Bernadette My Recurring Favourite (Bonodo vs. The Four Tops vs. The Supremes)
11. A plus D - Heart Of Puppini (Puppini Sisters vs. Blondie)
12. Suyt - My Crush On You (Justin Timberlake vs. The Jets)
13. ElectroSound - What A Girl Wants Is A Scientist (Christina Aguilera vs. Coldplay)
14. Acid Vicious - Theme To The Jeune Demoiselle

CD 2:
01. ToTom - Thundersexy (Justin Timberlake & Timbaland vs. AC-DC)
02. Apollo Zero - Boy Changes The Book Of Love (Book Of Love vs. Eric Prydz vs. Snap! vs. Chris Lake)
03. Irn Mnky - Enjoy My Love (Justin Timberlake vs. Depeche Mode)
04. Simon Iddol - The Final Love Song (Ofra Haza vs. Leftfield)
05. Ben Double M - Back In Too Deep (Genesis vs. Hardsoul ft. Ron Carroll)
06. Voicedude - Cupid's Poison Arrow (Sam Cooke vs. ABC vs. Tony Bennett)
07. A plus D - Don't Stop Believin' In Planet Rock (Journey vs. Afrika Bambaataa)
08. Stab - Do You Love Me Or Hate Me You Sexy Thing (Lady Sovereign vs. Hot Chocolate)
09. Copycat - Hard To Beat A Little Frog (Hard-Fi vs. Belle & Sebastian)
10. The Who Boys – Massive Temptation (Massive Attack vs. The Temptations)
11. ElectroSound - Destiny's Sign (Destiny's Child vs. Coldplay)
12. The One DJ - Take My Love Away (Justin Timberlake vs. Berlin)
13. Acid Vicious – Kiss From Saint Denis (Grand Corps Malade vs. Seal)
14. Nissque - Sweet Lady Of Mine (Guns N' Roses vs. Four Tops vs. Modjo)

the single tracks

Fully mixed album

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